Conference lighting & conference production

Light Design are your perfect choice for an AV company. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver conferences to perfection. All our equipment is in-house, as are our experienced team. We work with clients from the start, on initial design concepts and pre-production, all the way through the planning stages to the day of the event. Our dedicated project and production managers understand conferences in order to suit your bespoke requirements.

conference av set up
conference audio visual installation

Light Design use the finest high-end industry standard audio visual equipment for our conference productions.

We stock high resolution projectors and have hundreds of square meters of LED screens. These range from 6mm, 9mm and even low resolution 20mm pitch panels to cover your video requirements. All our video control is controlled by Green-Hippo and Avolites Ai.servers offering our clients the highest quality products. We promise total reliability to make sure that your event is a complete success.

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Here are some of the brands we have in stock:
Clay Paky
Martin Professional
ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls)
Green Hippo

Light Design stock the latest products, including wireless lighting fixtures, so no space is impossible to light. This is why we are able to offer such a bespoke service to all our customers, because every space and event is different, and we want to transform your space into your ideal venue. We now offer LED generic lighting such as LED Fresnels, Profiles and Floods. This lets us be truly flexible with our ideas and designs without using a high amount of power.

Light Design offer a full set of drawing renders and 3D representation of your conference using WYSIWIG R38. This impressively accurate industry standard design software helps us facilitate a higher level of service, and attention to detail, for our clients in the early stages of planning the event. If changes need to occur, we can visualise, amend and fix any issues long before show day.

Our team are well versed in the art of conference etiquette. All staff wear smart show blacks so your technicians will be out of sight, but close by should you need them. We also ensure that presentation of equipment is essential, so everything from fixtures to fittings will be in immaculate condition when delivered onsite.

We believe communication is key. On large scale projects we operate a radio system for communication, and offer the conference event organiser their own radio so they can effectively be a part of the team. Once the show starts we use a separate comms system between all show-critical technical staff to call the conference, ensuring we never miss a cue.

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If you are looking for an AV company, Light Design will make your conference an event to remember. Give our expert team a call today and start planning your conference with us.