Different types of professional moving lighting

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Whether you are hosting an award ceremony, Gala dinner, or a conference, moving lighting can be a great option, while also being more closely associated with live music or performance events. But what should you expect from moving lighting, and what are the different types of professional moving lighting? Well, as leading event lighting professionals, here at Light Design, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the range of moving lighting options for your event.

What are the advantages of moving lights?

There are several different advantages to using moving lights at any event. These include:

  • Adding to the decor and theme of the event- moving lights, when paired with the right background lighting, can be a great way to decorate and add visual interest to your venue and event. This is especially effective for venues with strict decor rules, and themes that can be difficult to create physically.
  • Helping to establish the tone and mood of the event- moving lighting can be more effective than static lighting for setting the tone and atmosphere of your event. While moving light can be fast and vibrant, perfect for energetic and involved events, it can also be slow and gentle which is incredibly relaxing when used with the right colour combinations.
  • Increasing audience interest- moving lights are also much more effective at capturing the attention and interest of the audience, or guests at your event. Whether this is used to draw attention to a speaker on stage, or to an architectural or design feature as part of the decor, the effect can be incredible.

Different types of professional moving lighting

So, when choosing your moving lighting, it’s important to choose the right type, that will result in the best results for your specific event. The different options include:

  • Moving spotlights- moving spotlights or profiles cast a fairly wide angle light onto the directed surface. For live performances, conference and award ceremonies, this can be used to illuminate the person on stage, and track their movements across the stage. Alternatively, this type of lighting can be used for decor and illuminating walls, corridors and event spaces for stylish, effective results.
  • Moving beam lights- beam lighting provides the narrowest angle for lighting, and this can be a fantastic addition to any live music performance. This is because the narrow beam will cut through any ambient lighting, and really stand out, while also being programmed to move to the beat or time of the music.
  • Moving wash lights- wash lighting has the largest beam angle and a soft edge to cover the whole area in light, and this includes colour lighting. This can be a fantastic choice for illuminating the back and sides of a stage, or for illuminating the walls at your gala dinner. The colour wash lighting will help to set the tone for the event, while the movement will keep your guests interested and involved in the proceedings.

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