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Light Design Ltd supplies all types of stage hire suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. We can provide everything from simple stage lighting, to multilevel systems complete with staircase ramps, railings and stage flooring.

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We own hundreds of stage systems and some of the best portable production equipment money can buy. As all of our systems are in house our UK stage hire prices are extremely competitive. Our only limit is your imagination. Light Design Ltd can carefully craft a stage design that compliments your production, using the best technology and event planning checklists.

We will integrate stage lighting, sound effects, and video clips seamlessly like you never thought possible! Contact us today and allow us to deliver you a highly professional, cost effective, stage system for your event.

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Our bespoke corporate lighting and production solutions include:
Intelligent Lighting and A/V
Video Projection and LED Screens
Pyrotechnics and Special Effects
Custom Logo Projection
External Architectural Uplighting
Décor and Set

The sky really is the limit when you hire from Light Design Ltd. We’ve supplied stages and event productions to some of the biggest performances in the dance, live and corporate industries including celebrity parties, catwalks, outdoor staging, fashions shows, award ceremonies and new product launches.

Each task is as special and individual, we have an expert team of project managers that are trained in all aspects of event planning from the initial consultation, client liaison, site visits and drawings, to the final delivery of your finished production. You’re in safe hands when you entrust Light Design Ltd, so let us take the stress out of event planning and we will make your wildest dreams a reality.

Putting on a Fashion Show?

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