Theater lighting & Theatre production

Want to deliver a stunning Theatre Production but budget and your expectation seem to be at opposite ends of the scale? At Light Design Ltd we understand this, Our friendly approach to theatre production means you can get the show you dreamed of, without breaking the bank! Here at Light Design, we only deliver perfect and well thought-out productions. Working alongside clients such as dance schools, amateur dramatics groups, and highly respected production companies, Light Design have the experience and knowledge to seamlessly deliver superior theatrical designs, perfect for your production.

Theatre Lighting, Stage and AV Hire
Theatre Lighting, Stage and AV
theatre av

We have a generous offering of professional equipment from well established manufacturers, which enables us to deliver aesthetically pleasing and time accurate shows.

Our products have programmable timeline editing with both lighting and video, which allow perfect light and video synchronisation transitions between different states.

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Theatrical Lighting Fixtures:
Robe Pointe
Robe CycFx8
Robe Ledwash 1200
Clay Paky Alphaspot 700 HPE
Clay paky Alphaspot 1500 HPE
Electronic Theatre Controls Source 4 Fixed Lens, Zoom, JR Zoom
Arri 1k
Various LED Profiles + Fresnels

Obviously this would be no use without a team of technically minded industry professionals who know how to get the most out of the equipment, and really make it possible for the show designers to see their ideas come to life.

Light Design technicians have extensive knowledge of the theatrical environment and have worked on many different genres within the theatre such as dance shows, musicals, straight plays, live music acts, and pantos.

Type Of Technicians we can provide:
Lighting Designers
Lighting Desk Programmers
Lighting Technicians
Video Designers
Video Technicians
Production Managers
Production Electricians
Stage Managers
NRC Certificated Riggers
Sound Designers
Sound Engineers
Sound Technicians
Fly Man
Local Crew

As an established set design company we do all the preproduction work using our in-house CAD and WYSIWYG 3D Previsualisation package software suite. We can professionally draw clean, clear, detailed lighting plots, (along with equipment reports) to save time at the venue. Additionally, we offer full 3D renders of your production in our WYSIWYG suite to create your show without needing to hire additional programming days at the venue.

Preparation is essential for a perfect production and we help you save time and money being as prepared as possible.

Need extra dimming channels? We stock LSC 12/24/36 Way Dimmers that will let you add extra generic fixtures to your show without a problem. On top of this, we have a large stock of cabling such as 16amp,15amp and Socapex that can be plugged into our top of the range bespoke custom power distribution racks.

With thanks to the excellent combination of personnel and equipment capable of the task in hand, Light Design has been an intrinsic part of shows at venues such as the Orchard Theatre and RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). We also deliver onsite training with students, as part of their courses syllabus to help them on their way to becoming the future theatre show designers.

This is why we believe that our set design company offers the perfect combination designed to deliver an impeccable theatre production. If you would like to find out more about our theatre portfolio or want to discuss your ideas for your next production, don’t hesitate to give us a call.