Lighting tips to energise your music event

If you’re hosting a live music performance you will no doubt want the venue to be alive and lively. Energising the crowd is something that many musicians really excel at, but stage design and light design can also be used to help give an added boost. So how can lighting help to energise your music event? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading lighting professionals. We can provide high quality lighting solutions for any event, including award ceremonies, fashion shows, live theatre and of course, live music events. As a result, we have produced this guide to the key lighting tips to energise your music event.

How can lighting bring energy?

Lighting is not just a necessity for illuminating an event, it can also bring a range of benefits too. For example, lighting can control the timing of your event, and keep your event running smoothly, without issue. But it can also add style and vibrance, while controlling the mood or atmosphere. And this means that the right lighting combinations and tools can bring energy to any event in a number of ways, including:

  • adding a moving visual feature
  • using energising colours
  • adding intensity to the stage or set

Lighting tips to energise your music event

So with your music event in mind, how can you use professional lighting and design to really energise your audience, and make sure your event is a success? Well, there are number of things you can do, including:

Automated audience lighting – lighting over the audience can help bring them into the show, and feel more connected to the performance. But for this to bring energy and passion, you should consider automating the lighting to respond to the rhythm of the music you are playing. This can combine light and sound dramatically, in a way that is sure to get any audience on their feet, and it will really give your event a sense of quality and professionalism too.

Moving laser lighting – moving lighting is one thing, but laser lighting is a whole different ball game. Laser lighting is intense, bright and can really bring life to any music performance. The laser lighting can help to connect with the crowd, while also creating a stunning and interesting visual feature that moves and changes with the music. The colour of your laser lighting can also be changed on a track by track basis, to match the effect you wish to create.

Pyrotechnics – nothing is more engaging, exciting, or energising than pyrotechnics. Especially at a live music event. Confetti and glitter cannons can really breathe life into your performance and get your audience involved. While small fireworks are sure to take their breath away.

If you want your music event to be full of energy, passion and fun, why not get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design Ltd? From professional lighting and set design, to high quality lighting equipment for hire, we have everything you need for a show stopping occasion.