Using a video wall at a fashion event

When it comes to lighting and lighting design, there is no event where this is more important than at a fashion show. The quality of the lighting will have an influence on the appearance of the outfits, the models, and the quality of the photography and filmography too. So it’s important that your event lighting is perfect. One thing you could consider including in your lighting plan is a video wall. But what is a video wall and how can this be effective at a fashion show? And what can a video wall be used for? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading lighting professionals. We have produced this guide to using a video wall at a fashion event.

What is a video wall?

So, first of all, what is a video wall? Well, a video wall is a essentially a wall of LED screen. This can be created by either combining smaller LED screens into one large screen, or simply by installing one very large LED screen. Either way, this can be used as a lighting feature for your fashion show (or any event), as well as for a range of practical purposes.

Using a video wall at a fashion event

So, how can you use a video wall at a fashion event? And what kind of practical or style benefits can this bring? Well, a video wall can be incredibly useful for a variety of reasons, including:

Showing off the clothing items- A video wall can be used to provide close up images of the product, as the model walks down the catwalk. This can help to accentuate the most important design features, and make sure that all your guests can see the quality of the item. Once the model has finished the catwalk, the video wall can even replay the walk, so that your guests, and critics, have more time to take in the item.

Fit in with your design- You dont want the video wall to overshadow the models on the catwalk, and you don’t want it to clash with the rest of your design. That’s why we will make sure the wall is positioned carefully, and designed to fit in with your colour scheme and decor. The lighting on the LED screen can even be altered to fit with any colour washing you require.

Flexible sizing- because video walls can be created with LED screens of different sizes being combined, the size and shape of your video wall is entirely up to you and your design aspirations for the event. You can use a video wall that fills the entire space behind the catwalk, or you can use multiple smaller video walls around the perimeter of the room. Whatever you decide, and whatever size video wall you need, we can help, here at Light Design.

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