Using intelligent lighting for your gala dinner

Gala dinners tend to be held as a significant celebration or event. From raising money for a charitable cause, to celebrating the success of a sports team, gala dinners can be perfect for a range of purposes. But whatever the purpose, lighting will be a crucial component for success. Uplighting, colour wash lighting and gobo projection can all be important elements for any gala dinner or event, but you should consider using intelligent lighting for your gala dinner. This can bring a range of advantages and benefits, when you work with a professional team like us, here at Light Design Ltd.

What is intelligent lighting?

Intelligent lighting is a term applied to lighting systems that are automated, or moving, and these can usually be programmed too. This means that if you have an event where the mood or atmosphere needs to change at certain points, to direct other activities, intelligent lighting can be a good choice. This type of lighting is typically pre-programmed and played back using only simple commands, or controlled live by a professional lighting specialist. So how can this benefit your gala dinner?

Advantages of using intelligent lighting for your gala dinner

Gala dinners are a type of event that often combine different themes. From eating, drinking and relaxing, to listening to speeches and dancing, gala dinners move from one theme to another during the course of the event. And intelligent lighting systems can be programmed to respond to this change, or even to lead the change. As a result, it can be incredibly beneficial for any gala event, for a number of reasons. These include:

  • changing the tone of the event at the right moment
  • providing social cues
  • being programmable

Intelligent lighting for mood changes

While your guests are relaxing or being welcomed into the venue, you might want to set a relaxed, calm mood or atmosphere in the venue. This can help kick off your event in an organised way. But the mood of the event will need to change when your guests have finished eating, or are about to listen to a speech or the evening entertainment. And intelligent lighting can help to change this mood promptly and efficiently, to energise your audience and really help them engage in the event.

Because of subtle or sudden lighting changes, your audience will know when and how to react, as the lights provide effective social cues. Spotlights on a speaker for example, while the rest of the lights are lowered will show your guests that it is time to listen. This can help your gala dinner run on time and stay on track.

Intelligent lighting is programmable

Because intelligent lighting can be pre-programmed, and then activated with a simple control options, your lighting is not governed by a lighting team. This means your costs could be lower, and it also means that your lighting can change immediately, just when you need it to. This can be very effective for controlling the flow of the different points during your gala dinner.

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