Advantages of hiring professional special effects equipment

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For some events and occasions, special effects technology and lighting will be a fantastic addition. From traditional smoke machines at a music event, to pyrotechnics, there are a range of special effects technologies to choose from. These can be very effective for engaging and exciting the audience, as well as creating a visual and sensory experience. Here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading lighting and event design professionals. From fashion shows to conferences, award ceremonies to music events, we provide a range of high quality electrical solutions, suitable for any occasion. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of hiring professional special effects equipment.

Special effects equipment

So, what type of special effects equipment is available for different events? Well, there are a wide variety of options, including:

  • Confetti or streamer cannons – these are electronically powered pumps that can propel confetti out, perhaps even over your audience. These are fantastic for life music shows, but smaller ones can also be effective for award ceremonies and gala dinners too.
  • Smoke and haze machines – these are probably the first pieces of equipment you think of, when you think about special effects machines. These are machines that create smoke, or haze, and use fans to blow this around the room. This creates a great effect traditionally associated with music events and large award ceremonies.
  • Pyrotechnics – these are a less common option for many events, as these are usually electronically controlled firework displays that match music and lighting. These can be very effective and are used at weddings and large public events and music festivals.
  • Flame machines – flame machines send jets of flame, or multiple flames out from a small compact box. These flames are available in a range of different colours, and can be incredibly effective at live events.

What are the advantages of hiring professional special effects equipment?

So, what are the advantages to hiring this equipment? And why should you opt for professional special effects? Well, there are a number of advantages, including:

  • Set up an incredible display – Using professional special effects equipment can make your event feel more professional, and it can really impress your audience. So if you want your event to be a big deal, and special effects equipment will fit with your theme, this could be a great investment.
  • Stay in control of your live event – Using lighting, as well as special effects can help to control the mood, atmosphere and tone of your event. So if you want to energize your crowd, special effects equipment can be a good place to start.
  • Professional equipment is reliable – choosing to hire professional equipment means that you will be investing your money wisely. Anything but the best quality equipment can be unreliable, and ruin your big moment. But professional equipment, from a professional team like us here at Light Design, won’t let you down!

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