Advantages of LED screens for sporting events

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If you’re hosting a sporting event, whether it’s for charity, a one off presentation game, or a regular occurrence, LED screens can be a great option. Available in a range of sizes, to suit any venue, our LED screens can even be combined to form one large video wall for large audiences. Here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading event lighting professionals. From festivals and fashion shows, to award ceremonies and gala dinners, we are a professional team you can count on. And this is our guide to the advantages of LED screens for sporting events.

What are the advantages of LED screens for sporting events?

So, what can LED screens bring to your sporting event? And why should you use them? Well, there are a number of advantages related to using LED screens at sporting events, and these include:

  • Improving visibility for your audience
  • Deliver important information
  • Adding another advertising option
  • Improving the event experience

LED screens improve visibility for your audience

Whether your sporting event is on the track, the field, the court, or in the ring, the chances are that visibility for some of your audience will be poor or limited. Adding LED screens means that you can improve the visibility for your whole audience, and everyone can keep up to date and informed with the live action taking place.

LED screens can deliver important information

You can also use LED screens to interrupt the live stream footage and display important information. For example, for any announcements that you might need to make, you can display your message via text on the LED screen, while it is also delivered audibly too. This means that your message will be received by your whole audience. And it’s also a more inclusive way to deliver any information, as it can easily be accessed by those with hearing impairments.

LED screens increase the advertising options available

You’ve probably considered selling advertising space for any sponsors on posters, social media adverts and event programmes, but with LED screens you could offer much more in terms of advertising. From video advertisements during breaks and before the event, to logo advertisements during the event, you could dramatically increase the amount of money you make by advertising on LED screens. And you can also easily advertise for multiple companies at once, expanding your options.

LED screens improve the event experience

It’s not just visibility or access to information that can be improved with the addition of LED screens to your sporting events, it is the overall event experience itself. LED screens give your sporting event a sense of professionalism and design that can turn any event, including local sporting events, into a much larger opportunity for the future. And if your event will be repeated, by improving the experience for your audience, you can ensure that they will be much more likely to return.

For more information or advice about hiring LED screens for your sporting event, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design Ltd.