Award ceremony lighting mistakes to avoid

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If you are hosting an award ceremony, you will have a lot to plan and consider. But one of the most important considerations will be the event lighting. Lighting is not only a practical consideration for illuminating the space, it can be a design tool to really transform your venue. But unfortunately, effective lighting design is something that is frequently forgotten for award ceremonies, and this leads to a wide range of lighting mistakes. So, what are the award ceremony lighting mistakes to avoid? And how can you avoid them? Well, here at Light Design Ltd we are leading professional lighting experts. From festival stage lighting to fashion shows, gala dinners and award ceremonies, we provide a range of services tailored to your specific event. As a result, we have produced this guide to hep you avoid making award ceremony lighting mistakes.

So, what are the biggest lighting mistakes you should avoid, when it comes to your award ceremony? Well, there are several, including:

  • Not using entrance lighting
  • Not using lighting cues
  • Using the wrong size LED screens

Not using entrance lighting

When your guests reach the venue of your award ceremony, they expect the way to the specific function room to well directed. Lighting in the entrance, and along any corridors or halls is a great way to help direct, and impress your guests.

From calm and relaxed, to upbeat and passionate, entrance lighting can also help to set the tone and the atmosphere of the event, before your guests even walk inside. To do this, you could consider coloured lighting, GOBO projection, or even exterior and interior uplighting.

By not adding entrance lighting to your event, you could confuse some of your guests, who might feel like they have the wrong address. And you will leave the rest of your guests feeling a little underwhelmed and overdressed. This is something you will want to avoid.

Not using lighting cues

During an award ceremony, its important that your guests are all on the same page, and that they are ready to applaud, stand and be quiet, all at the same time. Thankfully, humans are pack animals, and so when one moves, the rest will follow. But using lighting to provide social cues can be even more effective than waiting for nature. With changes in lighting, your guests will know exactly what is expected of them, and when. And this can even help your event stick to the timescale, and be successful. Trying to achieve this without lighting cues is a one of the most common award ceremony mistakes.

Using the wrong size LED screens

Without effecting lighting design and planning its easy to make some mistakes. This includes using the wrong size LED screens. LED screens should be used in an award ceremony to reveal the winners, show video footage, or even to show off an itinerary or venue information. But when these are too small, they are less likely to be noticeable, or visible, and your guests will miss out.

Choose a professional team

To make sure your award ceremony is successful and memorable, choose a professional lighting team to work with. Like us, here at Light Design Ltd. Why not get in touch today to find out more?