Advantages of using video walls for any event

an LED screen in situ after hire

Whether you are organising a conference or a fashion show, an award ceremony or a live theatre production, video walls can be an incredibly effective addition. In fact, a video wall is sure to grab attention and turn heads, wherever you use one. Here at Light Design, we are leading industry specialists when it comes to event lighting and preparation. We listen to your needs, and find the right solutions for any lighting request you might have. This includes video walls, which are incredibly popular. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of using video walls for any event.

So what are video walls?

First of all, what is a video wall? And how is it created? Well, a video wall can be created with two different methods. These methods include using a number of smaller LED screens installed together in a grid, to create the effect of a large video wall, or using one very large LED screen. The smaller LED screens will each display the correct part of the bigger picture, so that your audience sees the intended video as one whole. With one large screen, this clearly isn’t an issue. Either way, a video wall is a stunning way to display any video content you might have. 

Advantages of using video walls for any event

So why should you choose a video wall and not simply one small screen, or even a projector. Well, these are both good alternatives, but there are some features of a video wall that are hard to miss out on. These include:

Commanding attention-people are drawn to visual displays, so any kind of video content you display is bound to draw attention. But when this display covers a larger area, it is sure to command far more attention, simply because of the size it takes up. So if you really want your audience to focus on the events, a video wall behind the stage for example, can be incredibly effective.

High quality video- using an LED screen means that your video content displayed will be a much higher quality than any other method. High quality, high resolution images are always preferred by the audience, who find the experience more visually immersive. 

Deliver your message- with more attention, and better delivery quality, video walls can really help to get your message across. People will be captivated by a video wall, and are much less likely to be distracted while watching. As a result, your message will reach more people.

Make a great impression- video walls can be a great tool to impress your guests when arriving at your event. In fact, they can help you make a great first impression. This will help to ensure that your event starts off on the right foot, and it will also help to set the tone for the remainder of event.

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