Professional lighting for conferences

conference lighting

If you are hosing a conference or a conference event, the chances are, you want everything to be perfect. From the timetable itself, to the venue and the staff, every small detail could make or break your event. This includes the lighting and the technology. Here at Light Design, we are industry leading lighting specialists. For events ranging from fashion to live music, and from award ceremonies to theatre, we are the professional lighting team you can rely on. And our expertise does stretch to cover conferences in style too. As a result, we have produced this guide to professional lighting for conferences.

Why is lighting important for conferences?

So why is lighting so important for a well run, effective conference? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

Guest comfort- lighting plays a major role in the comfort of your audience or guests. Both glare and dim lighting have a negative influence on health and comfort, with incorrect lighting causing a range of problems from eye strain and migraines to nausea and difficulty concentrating. In a conference setting, where those invited need to be on the ball, good lighting is essential.

Creating an atmosphere- lighting isn’t just for comfort though. It can also be a big part of the atmosphere or tone of the room, or event as a whole. This can be useful for a variety of reasons including getting the attention of a room full of people, and also quietening a room too.

Professional lighting for conferences

Lighting for conferences is an essential feature, but what will professional lighting include? And how will it make a difference to your conference? 

Audio visual equipment- when you work with us here at Light Design, you don’t just get high quality lighting. We can also provide top of the range audio and visual equipment. This includes high quality projectors, as well as LED screens in a range of sizes. This equipment is essential for any conference, and can be useful for introducing guest speakers, showing video content, and also simply for displaying the visual aspects of each talk. That’s why we guarantee a reliable, professional service as standard. So you won’t have to worry about break downs or faults, and your conference can run smoothly, without any disruptions.

Wireless lighting- we realise that not every conference is the same. And for some venues, wireless lighting will be a necessity. That’s why we provide a range of high quality wireless lighting solutions suitable for any event or circumstance. This lighting can help to transform your venue, and illuminate your conference effectively and efficiently.

Professionalism- finally, by working with a professional lighting company, like us here at Light Design, you can be sure of a professional service. Our staff will wear smart black clothes so that we can be on hand to set everything up while remaining visually smart, and for the most part, out of sight. We will also be able to provide technical support at any point, should it be required.

For more information or to book professional conference lighting, get in touch with the leading experts today, here at Light Design.