Choosing Gobo Projection Patterns

Creating the right lighting effect at any event is essential for setting the tone, creating the right atmosphere, and impressing your guests. And one popular and effective option is to use gobo lighting. So what is gobo projection, and how can you choose the right projection pattern? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading lighting design professionals. From fashion lighting to festivals and live music production, we provide a range of effective lighting solutions for any event or occasion. And this is our guide to help you choose the most effective gobo projection pattern for your event.

What is gobo lighting?

Gobo lighting is a type of projection lighting that involves using a small stenciled circular disc, fitted to the light fixture. This allows the light to shine through the stenciled areas, while being blocked by the other areas of the disc, creating a projected pattern or design. This is often used to illuminate floors, walls and ceilings, for a range of stunning, effective designs. Gobo lighting can also be moving lighting, to generate even more visual interest.

Choosing gobo projection patterns

So, once you’ve made the decision to use gobo lighting, you will have to decide on a pattern to project across your room, or onto the walls, floors and ceilings. So, how can you choose this pattern? And what should you consider? Well, there are a number of things to think about, including:

  • Event theme and design
  • Sponsorship and logos
  • Venue design and style

Gobo projection patterns to match your event theme

Gobo projection patterns can be tailor made to suit your specific requirements. This means that whatever theme your event has, from sports to literature, art to construction, you can choose a gobo projection design to match. Why not consider choosing different symbols for your event, and using these to light the different spaces inside the venue? Or creating one pattern to be cohesive across all areas of your event?

Showing logos through gobo projection

One thing every event needs is money. And if yours is in the form of sponsorship, why not show your gratitude by displaying the sponsors logos in light, through gobo projection? For gala dinners and award ceremonies, these can be shown during relevant speeches or presentations, while for other events they could be used to illuminate the entrance or hallways. And with this type of logo advertising, you can take on multiple sponsors, and show off their company, quickly and easily.

Gobo projection to match the venue

Another important consideration is the style of the venue itself. If your event theme isn’t really translatable to a gobo projection, or can’t be summed up with a simple pattern, you could instead look to the structural design of the building for inspiration. You could use simple gobo projection to illuminate areas of architectural interest, inside and outside of the venue, with a gobo projection pattern to match the period and style of the property.

For professional lighting design that is sure to transform your venue, and help your event be successful and memorable, why not get in touch with the team today, here at Light Design Ltd.