Fashion show lighting mistakes to avoid

Lighting is crucial for any event, but for a fashion show, lighting becomes even more important. The purpose of any fashion show is to reveal the latest fashion trends, and model clothes from all the biggest designers. And this means that the lighting needs to be perfect, to really capture the texture and the material of the clothing designs. This takes a lot of planning, and is something that does not always work out. Especially when you don’t work with a professional lighting team, like us here at Light Design Ltd. That’s why we have produced this guide to the fashion show lighting mistakes to avoid. 

What are the biggest fashion show lighting mistakes?

There are several key lighting mistakes that can ruin any fashion show, and these include:

  • Using only one spotlight
  • Using bright, colourful lighting
  • Only focusing on the runway
  • Not using a video wall

Fashion show lighting with only one spotlight 

If you only use one spotlight to illuminate your runway or catwalk, you are making one of the most common fashion lighting mistakes. This is because using just one spotlight can not possibly illuminate the clothes from every angle, to show off the features that your audience are looking for. This does not lead to even light distribution, and can result in some shadowed light too.

Also, using one spotlight means that you often have to light from head on, and this can be dangerous for the models, who may not be able to see because of the bright light. This can be a health and safety hazard. 

Spotlights are a great choice for a fashion show, but you need to use more than one to highlight the model, and also to direct audience attention.

Fashion show lighting with bright, colourful lighting

At a fashion show, the focus needs to be on the clothes warn by the models. Using bright or harsh coloured lighting, can really change the appearance of the clothes, and even make the items look like a different colour altogether. As a result, bright, colourful lighting is something that should be avoided. At least around the runway anyway. Instead, you should use white lighting to really help the models, and the clothes stand out. 

Fashion show lighting focused only on the runway

While the centre of any fashion show is clearly the clothes and the fashion, fashion shows can also be a social, networking occasions. So one of the biggest fashion show lighting mistakes you can make is to forget to light the rest of the venue, and only illuminate the runway. Instead, you will need to light the rest of the venue too, if you want to make a positive, memorable impression. This could help to establish the tone or atmosphere of the event, while also adding visual interest and impressive lighting features.

Fashion show lighting without a video wall

A video wall can be a fantastic addition to any fashion show. This can be pre-programmed to create light patterns that suit the flow of the event, or to show event sponsor information, replays of each walk and each outfit, or even the event itinerary. That’s why not using a video wall is a lighting mistake.

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