Choosing the right lighting for your music event

Whether it’s pop, rock, dance or trance, your live music event needs to be planned meticulously. And this should include the lighting. Whether you opt for continuous LED lighting, special effects lighting, strobe lighting, or even laser lights, making the right choices, and having the right lighting design, is imperative to the success of your event. That’s why you should work with a professional team, like us, here at Light Design. In fact, we have produced this guide to choosing the right lighting for your music event.

When thinking about the lighting options available for your live concert or music event, there are some key considerations to bear in mind. These include:

  • The atmosphere – should your music have the crowd jumping, or swaying? Different tracks might have different meaning, and your lighting should reflect the tone and atmosphere of the music you are playing. This will help set the mood for the event, and will help to make your audience feel more involved. Lighting colour, motion speed, and even the tone of the lighting itself can help to deliver the intended and desired atmosphere.
  • Adaptability  different pieces of music that you play may require different lighting styles,to create different atmospheres as discussed above. And the ability to flick between these is important to make sure your event really connects to the audience, and appears professional. For example, a deeply emotional song may bot be well supported by the same lighting used to create the right atmosphere for a tune you can dance too. As a result, designing the lighting for your event is important, as it will need to be adaptable, or programmable, to achieve the desired effect at different stages of the event.
  • Innovative – from projecting logos to installing video walls and LED screens as part of the stage, there are a number of ways to be innovative with your music event lighting. And this innovation can bring something different to your live music event, and help it to  stand out and be noticed. 
  • Special effects – for moments when you really need to grab attention or be dramatic, particularly for entrances and key features of the event, special effects are essential. And these aren’t restricted to smoke machines and confetti poppers. In fact, lighting can also be a big part of your special effects. Lighting itself can even make your special effects more effective, making them more noticeable and increasing the drama. This will really help to captivate and impress even the most reserved of audiences. 
  • Laser lighting – here at Light Design, we can also provide lasers for both outdoor and indoor music events. These can really reach out into your audience, increasing the appearance of the performance area. As a result, more of the audience will connect with your performance. 

For more information or advice about professional lighting for any music event, get in touch with the expert team today, here at Light Design Ltd.