Event lighting for large venues

If you are hosing an event in a large venue, be it a gala dinner, award ceremony or even a theatre show, you will have to carefully consider all aspects of the lighting. Event lighting for large venues can be tricky to get right. But by working with a professional team like ours, here at Light Design Ltd, you can be sure that your event lighting will be perfect. In fact, this is our guide to help you effectively light large event venues.

Tips for effective event lighting for large venues

To light larger venues effectively, you should:

  • Develop an overall lighting plan
  • Divide the venue into clear lighting zones
  • Create clear lighting features

Develop an overall lighting plan

An overall lighting plan involves looking at the venue as a whole, and deciding on specific lighting plans, including:

The overall lighting colour scheme- whether you want to use colour wash lighting in one part of the venue, but just accent lighting or uplighting in another, if you choose a colour scheme, to match your overall event theme, you will need to decide on this primarily. This can help tie all the different areas of your venue together, for a cohesive lighting result.

The lighting design- if you want to use patterned lighting, like gobo projection lighting, or you want to create a specific style with your lighting, this should be one of the first considerations. You should stick to the same designs, in each zone, for an effective visual result. The lighting design can also include the vibrancy and brightness of the lighting, so that your venue is lit effectively for the size and space, but is not too overpowering.

Divide the venue into clear lighting zones

From the entrance, to the stage, seating and bar areas, your lighting design needs to encompass the entire venue. But this is easier to achieve by dividing the large space into smaller sections or zones. Especially as your lighting style will likely change depending on the activity or area. For example:

you might need ambient colour wash lighting for the seating or dining area, but you will need moving lights and spotlights for the stage.

you will need to create specific entrance lighting to get your event off to the best possible start, and this could include gobo projection, video walls, or even architectural uplighting.

For corridors and hallways you might choose softer lighting, like uploghting and wall lights.

However you decide to divide your venue, you will need to consider that each zone needs to fit with your overall lighting plan, from step 1. Otherwise you could end up with a venue that appears disjointed and unconnected. 

Create clear lighting features

You’re final consideration should be the inclusion of clear and unmissable lighting features. This could include:

  • stage lighting that creates a focal point and draws attention
  • a video wall feature for light and design, as well as real video footage

For more information or for professional event lighting support, get in touch with the experts today, here at Light Design Ltd.