Stage lighting for small venues

When it comes to lighting your stage, for any kind of live performance or event, you need to consider the size and location of your venue. Using the available space to illuminate the performance effectively from every angle of the venue is essential for a professional and impressive performance. But what kind of equipment should you consider? And why? And what are the most important considerations for stage lighting for small venues? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading lighting design professionals. From conferences to festivals, award ceremonies to live theatre, we have the experience and the skills to help you create the perfect atmosphere and lighting effects for your stage. And this is our guide to everything you should know about small venues and lighting for stages.

Top considerations for stage lighting for small venues

So what should you consider when designing stage lighting for a performance in a small venue? Well, there are several things to bear in mind, including:

Keep your light display simple – Too many flashing and moving lights in one small space can just look chaotic. So unless that is the effect you are going for (it works for some bands and performers) keep your lighting simple. Using simple flood lighting and LED lighting to illuminate key areas, and stick to only one specific type of moving or flashing light. 

Use different colours effectively – using a combination of colours that work well together can add extra depth and meaning to your performance. It can also help you stand out to the crowd, by creating texture and definition. In a small venue you should probably stick to a two or three colour limit though so as not to overpower the space. 

Hire professional equipment – professional lighting equipment can be a great option to ensure that your performance is lit properly from all angles, and to provide the right ambient lighting for the venue. It also means that you wont have to worry about low quality lighting that fades out to nothing, or lighting outages or shortages.

Make sure you know the venue sizing before choosing equipment- practical considerations like cable length and the available height will need to be considered for the stage lighting, before you choose your equipment. Or you could end up hiring equipment that is not appropriate for your venue.

Necessary stage lighting equipment for small spaces

The type of event or performance you are hosting will define the type of lighting that you need to use. But in general you should consider:

Using floor standing flood lights – this is easier than setting up ceiling lights in a small venue, that may also have a small ceiling height. 

Using lighting equipment that offers variable light intensity – this means that you can alter the intensity of the light to suit the venue and the space you are illuminating. This kind of flexibility can help you navigate any unplanned challenges or problems too.

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