Festive event lighting tips

With Christmas fast approaching, there will most likely be a number of Christmas events in your calendar. And if you are hosting an event this festive period, you may have already organised all the necessities. But have you considered the event lighting? Lighting your Christmas event effectively can be crucial for the overall success of your festive event. But what should you focus on and prioritize? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading event lighting experts. From award ceremonies to music festivals, and everything in between, we provide a range of professional lighting solutions. And this is our guide to everything you should know about creating the perfect Christmas event lighting.

Top festive event lighting tips

To make sure your Christmas event grabs the interest and attention of your guests, and creates a memorable experience, the right lighting can be essential. So here are our top tips for effective festive event lighting:

Hire a professional team – working with a professional team can help you to focus on running and organizing the rest of the event, with peace of mind that your event lighting will be perfect. From professional quality, reliable equipment, to stunning visual results, professional lighting can make a dramatic difference to the smooth running, and overall effect, of any festive event.

Create an entrance – no matter how big or small your event is, or how many guests on the guest list, the entrance to your venue should always be visually appealing. For festive events, this also plays an important practical role, illuminating safe paths to the venue entrance. But the main focus should be on the visual results. From large video walls to Gobo projections, your festive event lighting can be active and attractive, designed to suit the mood and atmosphere of your event. 

Focus on the festive – for the Christmas and New Year period, it can be a good idea to focus on this period of festivity, especially through decor and design theme. This is something that professional lighting can help to create, with colour wash lighting using festive or theme colours, or Gobo projections cut to festive themed shapes and designs.

Consider lighting effects – Lighting effects can be very effective at this time of year, especially if you consider automated light shows, or lights that change on a timer. This can change the mood of your event at any one time, and can help provide visual cues to your audience. For example, you could countdown to midnight on New Years Eve using a spectacular light show, or laser light show outside, instead of traditional fireworks. 

Pyrotechnics and special effects – if your event will involve live entertainment, or a stage area, pyrotechnics and special effects can help add Christmas magic and charm to your event, as well as excite and engage your audience. Here at Light Design, this is also something we can help you to achieve, with our professional, high quality equipment and expertise.

For more information about our professional light design for Christmas events, and what we can offer your company or corporate event, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design.