Pyrotechnics and special effects for Christmas stage lighting

Whether you are hosting a Christmas award ceremony, or a festive pantomime this year, effective stage lighting is essential. And as part of this, you should consider pyrotechnics, and other special effects that can really bring your event to life. But what are the most popular pyrotechnics and special effects for Christmas stage lighting? And what type of event can benefit? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading event lighting professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about using special effects effectively this Christmas.

Using special effects for different types of Christmas event

Many event organizers don’t consider hiring any pyrotechnics, or special effects equipment, simply as they don’t feel like this would be a good match with their type of event. But over the festive period, the rule of “less is more” is often forgotten. And adding special effects could bring a number of advantages to your event. But how can you use special effects effectively, for your event? Well, here are just some of the examples we have seen in action:

Gala dinner- A gala dinner generally involves a sit down meal followed by, or accompanied by, professional, high quality entertainment. That’s why some organizers make good use of smoke and fog machines to support the on stage entertainment, and to draw attention to the act.

Award ceremonies – if your award ceremony will involve a top overall prize or winner, you can make this extra special by hiring pyrotechnic equipment like a glitter or confetti cannon to build the excitement and add to the overall emotion of the event.

Christmas balls – A Christmas ball is the quintessential Christmas celebration tradition for many places of employment, or for large societies and clubs. You could consider using smoke or haze machines to create a stunning, dramatic result, bringing the WOW factor to your event.

Christmas plays and pantomimes – At this time of year pantomimes are in full swing and special effects can certainly play an important part here. From confetti cannons, to smoke and haze machines, to flame machines, you can make sure your Christmas show captures the magic and wonder of the festive season.

Pyrotechnics and Christmas events

Using pyrotechnics is not as common as special effects. But for Christmas and New Year, a pyrotechnic display can being your event to a stunning conclusion. This will involve an electronically controlled firework display, specifically designed to match music and lighting. As a result, for large events, or public events, a pyrotechnics show can capture the imagination and the excitement of your audience.

What are the advantages of pyrotechnics and special effects for Christmas stage lighting?

There are many benefits to planning your event with special effects in mind. These can:

create a memorable event Р special effects are often used with the perfect timing to complement part of the events on stage, which can really capture the wonder and imagination of the audience.

Bring magic to the season – it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of magic. And that’s exactly what special effects and pyrotechnics can bring.

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