Hiring a professional award ceremony light design team


Award ceremonies are celebratory occasions, where people gather to recognize and honour achievements. And as such, your venue, decor, and lighting need to be perfect. From the moment your guests pull up outside your venue, your event needs to impress and WOW. Lighting is a key part of this, as the right lighting can have an impact on mood and atmosphere, as well creating stunning visual displays. That’s why you should seriously consider hiring a professional award ceremony light design team. But what can you expect from working with a professional team, and what are the benefits of this? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading lighting design professionals. We provide tailored, stunning lighting solutions for a range of shows and purposes, including festival lighting, fashion show lighting and live performances. And this is our guide to why you should work with a professional team for your award ceremony lighting.

What can you expect from professional award ceremony lighting?

So, what can professional lighting offer, that DIY lighting will miss? Well, there are several things, including:

Feature lighting – feature lighting is lighting that creates a visual feature or design in a key location. For some award ceremonies this is the entrance hall or foyer, where a dramatic and impressive first impression can be created. For other award ceremonies, the primary feature is the stage. When working with a professional team you can be sure that your feature lighting will grab attention and leave your audience impressed. 

Video walls – video walls can be a great tool for any event, including award ceremonies. These are made from combined LED screens which can show integrated video footage, or impressive light patterns. On stage, these can be a great way to display footage from the award winner, or from event sponsors. But for the best performance, for the whole evening, you will need to work with a professional lighting design team. 

Tailored lighting solutions – By working with a professional team like us here at Light Design, you can be sure of a lighting solution that will meet your exact requirements. With all the equipment, and experience, that we can provide, we can tailor your event lighting to suit your event.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional award ceremony light design team?

Not only is professional lighting more effective and useful than DIY lighting, but hiring a professional team comes with even more advantages. A professional lighting team will:

Help you plan – planning is the most stressful, and the most important part of any event. A professional lighting team can help to design and plan the lighting that will be used, and even suggest options that you may not have considered.

Provide professional, reliable equipment – when it comes to lighting, the equipment is essential. By working with a professional team you can be sure that all of your equipment will be in good working order, and can be relied on for the duration of the event. This means no flickering lamps, and no stage lighting disasters.

For more information or for professional lighting for your award ceremony, get in touch with the team today, here at Light Design.