How does lighting influence award ceremonies?

an LED screen in situ after hire

When considering the lighting for your next event or award ceremony, don’t settle for anything less than the best. The lighting you choose will have a subsequent impact on the success of your event. This is because your lighting has an influence on a range of factors, including the mood and the atmosphere, and keeping the attention of the audience. So, planning your lighting, and making informed, purposeful lighting decisions is crucial. Here at Light Design, this is something we excel at. And with a wealth of experience, a range of professional skills, and an in depth knowledge of the necessary equipment, we are the team you can count on. So, how does lighting influence award ceremonies? And how can you use this to your advantage?

So, what is the role of lighting during any award ceremony? And how can effective lighting contribute to a successful event? Well, lighting actually serves a range of purposes, and these include:

  • providing a comfortable amount of ambient lighting
  • exciting and engaging the audience
  • providing social cues
  • creating visual interest

Ambient lighting

While you might be focusing on creating flashy lighting effects, you shouldn’t overlook the role of ambient lighting. Ambient or background lighting will provide all the light necessary for your guests to move around comfortably, and find their tables. This means there is a key safety point of view, that shouldn’t be overlooked, when considering your ambient lighting.

But ambient lighting is more than simply making a space safe, it is also about setting the tone of the evening. From sophisticated elegance, to enthusiasm and excitement, make sure you make the right ambient lighting choices for your event.

Exciting and engaging the audience

One of the biggest influences lighting can have on any event, particularly award ceremonies, is that it has the power to draw attention, and keep it. Lighting can be used to excite your audience, while they are waiting for the next speaker or award to be announced. The lighting can add drama to the event, create tension, and really connect with your audience. Simple light displays, patterns or colours can all be effective to engage your guests.

Providing social cues

Award ceremonies tend to be packed full of social cues that your audience are expected to follow. And lighting is a sure fire way to let your audience know what is expected of them next. From being quiet, to sitting down or standing up, lighting can be an incredibly useful tool. And this will influence the organisation and structure of your award ceremony and prevent it from becoming chaotic. In fact, it is almost essential when trying to ensure your event runs on time.

Creating visual interest

Award ceremonies typically involve a lot of listening. From announcement speeches, to acceptance speeches, there tends to be a large amount of talking. Lighting can provide an effective visual focal point to accompany this, including video walls and LED screens. This adds a different dynamic to your award ceremony, and provides your audience with more to focus on.

For professional light design for your award ceremony, get in touch with the experts today, here at Light Design.