Laser lighting for your music events

Lighting and audio effects for your music event can be a great way to connect with the audience and add drama to your music. From smoke and haze machines, to lights, projectors, and video walls, there are a number of options available to enhance any music production, festival or concert. Laser lighting is another of these options. Laser lights can be installed as part of the stage setup to really bring your music to life. Here at Light Design, we are leading lighting design professionals. And we can offer a range of laser lights, perfect for music events. But why should you choose laser lighting for your music events? And what are the advantages of laser lights?

Laser lights are the perfect addition to any live music show. From classical music, to heavy rock and rap and hip-hop, laser lights are not restricted by music type. In fact, laser lights can bring benefits to music in all genres, including:

Classical music– laser light shows can be creative and artful, illuminating in tune with certain notes, or melodies throughout each different piece of music. The effects can be slowed down, and sped up, to match the tempo of the music. And this can help transport your audience into the music itself.

Electronic music– Electro, electro house, electro swing and all the other electronic music genres are perfectly suited for laser light shows. In fact, laser lighting is most often associated with music concerts for this genre. The lights can be timed to emphasize the beat of the music, and accompany the music with stunning visuals.

Rock music– The Who, Pink Floyd, ELO and The Blue Oyster Cult are just some of the rock bands that used laser lighting decades ago, in the 70s. Laser lighting was used to provide visual awe while the audience enjoyed the music. And this trend is now enjoying a revival, much to the delight of audiences.

Pop music– For pop music, the laser lighting can define the mood and tone of each song, matching both soothing ballads, and more lively upbeat tempos.

Types of music event

Laser light shows don’t just look great for any music genre, they also support any type of music event too. From an open-air festival, to an indoor concert hall or arena, laser lighting can be very effective. 

For festivals and music events that take place outside, the laser lights can create the effect of a larger stage area, so that more of the audience can feel involved. The lights also illuminate the field, in time with the music, creating an atmospheric visual effect that will excite and entice your audience.

For indoor concerts, laser lights can also be very effective. Especially for large indoor venues and arena’s. The laser lights directly reach out to the audience, and draw them into the music, helping to create a sense of a smaller, more intimate performance.

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