Stunning lighting ideas for any event

Planning and designing the lighting for any event, from a conference to a live music event is crucial for a success. Lighting can help set an atmosphere, or set the tone of the event, and it can also be useful for directing attention, and giving queues to your guests. Working with a professional, reliable, lighting design team, like us here at Light Design, can help to ensure that your event runs smoothly. But what kind of lighting design can we offer? And what type of lighting will set your event apart? Well, this is our guide to stunning lighting ideas for any event.

Events can use lighting for a range of reasons. From providing a comfortable amount of illumination, to directing attention towards a feature or place, lighting is an important part of event planning and organisation. But some lighting ideas can be used to inspire and amaze your guests. These can be useful for any event, and include:

⦁ laser lighting

⦁ architectural uplighting

⦁ video walls

Laser lighting

For a range of events, laser lighting can be the show stopping, attention grabbing, lighting feature that you are looking for. While laser light shows are generally associated with live music events, with laser routines that are timed to match perfectly with the beat, they can also be used in more subtle ways too. In fact, laser lights can be effective for:

awards ceremonies– lighting the stage with moving beams of light draws the attention of the audience to the award winner, and it can also work well with theatrical smoke, and music too.

conferences– some conferences have used laser lighting to stunning effect. These are usually conferences involving 500+ people. Once your guests have taken their seats in the auditorium or venue, the laser light show can quieten your audience and direct their attention to the stage, ready to introduce the speaker.

Architectural uplighting

For any event, architectural uplighting can be used to draw attention towards stunning architectural features, making the venue a key part of the event itself. This is also a fantastic way to light your venue with uplights, instead of the traditional downlights. So whether its a fashion show, a live theatre production, or an award ceremony, architectural uplighting can be a stunning lighting feature.

Video walls

Created by joining LED screens together, a video wall can be as large as you need it to be. In fact, it can cover the entire wall of your venue, hence the name. The screens use intelligent technology to join together and display one single image, while still retaining the power to display a different image on each one of the screens used. This makes them incredibly useful for:

⦁ advertising- different sponsors can be displayed at different points throughout the video show, with each using a screen of their own, or combining to cover the full screen.

⦁ Attraction- a video wall is guaranteed to draw your audience towards to it, because of the large, bright, high resolution screens. This can be a helpful tool for any event.

⦁ Information- a video wall can make for a very effective way to distribute information to your audience, because it is eye-catching and visually appealing.

For more information or advice about stunning lighting options that will make your event stand out, get in touch with the team today here at Light Design.