Top considerations for effective Christmas event lighting


When it comes to light production and design, we are the experts here at Light Design Ltd. And we work across the capital to provide high quality, stunning lighting and stage design solutions for a wide range of events. From theatre and music, to dance, fashion and award ceremonies, we have the skills, the experience, and the equipment to set up high quality event lighting. This includes lighting for Christmas events where planning for a range of issues and potential problems to resolve is essential. So, what are the top considerations for effective Christmas event lighting? 

Christmas event lighting can be a challenge. From the venue itself, to the Christmas decorations already in place, there are a number of things that can be a possible issue. But here at Light Design, we know exactly how to work around these. So here are our top considerations for effective Christmas event lighting:

1. Plan your lighting- Before you consider the equipment, take a look at your venue and think about the overall effect you are aiming to achieve. Consider the rooms or areas you want to light differently to the rest of the space, and how we can help you achieve this effect. You also need to consider the tone, mood, or atmosphere you want to create with your lighting. A firm lighting plan will help to make sure that your event is lit effectively and stylishly.

2. Lighting equipment- For any event, you will need to establish which equipment you will need to achieve the planned effects. We can provide a wide variety of lighting and special effects equipment, from LED screens to projectors, so why not work with us to make sure you secure all the right technology for your event?

3. Uplighting- although uplighting is something you should think about in step 1, we think it deserves its own mention too. Uplighting can often be overlooked for events, but it is actually a very effective way to create a dramatic and stunning end result. By lighting up from the floor to the ceiling, you can create a truly dramatic and dynamic lighting effect. Would this suit your venue?

4. Lighting effects- Lighting effects should be top on the list of considerations for any event. But at Christmas, even more so! Lighting effects can be used in a variety of ways, to really add magic to your Christmas event. From projected light, to timed light displays and automated lighting shows, your event lighting could really transform your space. You could even use lights to create a snow effect!

5. Colour lights- At events and ceremonies, white and black lighting tends to be the go to for the most part. But, for your Christmas event, you should consider the role of lights in different colours. Red, green or blue can all be classed as “Christmassy” and they could really help bring your event to life.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design.