Why you should use architectural uplighting for your event

Stunning architectural uplighting is something our professional team can provide here at Light Design, for any event. But why would you use architectural uplighting? And could it bring any benefits? Well, there are actually a number of advantages associated with architectural uplighting, generally involving the overall visual effect in the venue itself. This is our guide to why you should use architectural uplighting for your event.

What is architectural uplighting?

General uplighting is lighting that is positioned upwards, to illuminate the space above. So for architectural uplighting, you can expect the uplights to light up the architectural features of your venue. And this can be used effectively both inside and outside the property. 

Exterior architectural uplighting can create a stunning visual effect for your guests and visitors as they arrive at your venue. From traditional Victorian or Gothic buildings, to the contemporary, almost every building can be enhanced with stunning, professional architectural uplighting.

Interior architectural uplighting involves illuminating key features inside the venue itself. This can be easier for traditional properties where there is more likely to be ceiling features that can be revealed with the right type of lighting. However, it can also be effective in a variety of contemporary properties, where the light itself can become the feature, displayed on part of the architecture.

Why you should use architectural uplighting for your event

So why should you decide to illuminate architectural features at your event? Well, here are some key benefits:

Architectural uplighting can create emotional responses – When choosing a venue for your event, you probably considered a range of properties. So why did the venue you eventually chose, stand out? Well, it is likely that you chose a venue to which you felt the most connection. Buildings evoke emotional responses. Awe, wonder and intrigue are some of the most commonly associated emotional responses to architecture. And lighting up this architecture, especially key features, can increase this emotional response, and really impress your guests. 

Focus on the details– uplighting key architectural features, either on the inside, or the outside of the property, allows the tiny details to be magnified. Texture, shape, pattern and design will all become clear when these features are illuminated from underneath. And this emphasis on the details will allow your guests to appreciate the finer details during the rest of your event. As a result, your guests will be more attuned to subtle character developments during theatre productions, or subtle colour changes during a fashion show. The possibilities are endless.

Architectural lighting provides practical illumination – Uplighting isn’t all for show though. It actually serves an important practical purpose too. And this is to illuminate your space and your venue. While you might think your usual downlights have the illumination covered, these do not create the same ambient light effect as uplights. And this ambient lighting allows you to create a more intimate atmosphere, even among thousands of people. 

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