Top reasons to hire LED screens for any event

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When selecting the lighting and special effects options to hire for your next event there is one product you shouldn’t skip. LED screens can offer a range of advantages, for any setting, and any type of event. But what are these advantages? And how can you use LED screens to make your event a success? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are top lighting and event production experts. From live events, to theatre, award ceremonies to concerts, we can provide a variety of top quality lighting and special effects equipment, including LED screens. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons to hire LED screens for any event.

Grab attention – LED screens can be very helpful for directing the attention of your audience. Changing the LED screen display, causes movement and a change in lighting. This is enough to get the attention of people close to the screens, and intrigue those further away. So for example, if you are hosting an award ceremony, and you need the attention of the crowd to indicate the nominees, LED screens around your event could be the perfect solution.

Promote sponsors or digital marketing – the cost of events can be much higher than you might anticipate. For this reason, many companies try to secure sponsors for the event, or even sell advertising space during the event. This way, some of the costs can be recuperated. But why offer your potential advertisers a poster, when you could display their image, or short ad, on an LED screen. In fact, you can scroll between different sponsors in a loop, so you can show off more than one sponsor at a time, and make more money from advertising.

Show video footage – Whether you have existing video footage to show, which relates to your event, or you take video footage of the audience and live stream it to the LED screens, you can rest assured that video content will be a big hit. Video is more engaging than static images, and will capture the attention and interest of your audience.

Improve visibility for large events – for large events, especially those held outdoors, LED screens can be an essential piece of equipment. Without these, people further away from the stage, will not be able to see anything that is happening at all. This means that they will become disengaged and bored. Prevent this with LED screens flawlessly streaming an image of the stage, positioned carefully around your audience area.

Why choose Light Design Ltd for your LED Screens?

If you’re event could benefit from LED screens, you should get in touch. We can offer a variety of LED screen and accessory packages, perfect for any event. Our equipment includes:

  • LED Screens with pixel pitches from 2.5mm to 40mm
  • High quality media servers from brands such as Green Hippo, Avolites, D3, and Resolume
  • Processing and scaling
  • Trussing, Rigging and Infrastructure for a range of set build or ground support systems
  • Data and mains distribution networks covering fibre optics and Cat6 systems

For professional LED screen packages and systems for your event, get in touch with the experts today, here at Light Design Ltd.