Top reasons to use Gobo projection for events

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When it comes to lighting your event space and venue, you’ve probably already thought about up-lighting, down-lighting, and lighting effects. But have you considered Gobo projection? Here at Light Design, we are event production specialists. And we can meet any stage or lighting design requirements, using only the best equipment from trusted manufacturers. This includes our Gobo projection lighting. So what is a Gobo projector, and how can it be used? Well, this is our guide to the top reasons to use Gobo projection for corporate events.

What is a Gobo projector?

Gobo projectors are created using a small stenciled circular disc. This is fitted inside lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. The light passes through the holes in the stencil, creating a pattern or design. And this is where the term Gobo comes from, as it is short for go between optics. The light is directed to go between the gaps. This can be used for a range of purposes, including logo projection.

Types of Gobo’s

There are three types of Gobo used throughout the lighting industry, and this includes plastic Gobo’s, glass Gobo’s and steel Gobo’s. Steel Gobo’s are the more basic option with a short lifespan, but the plastic Gobo’s are designed only for LED light fixtures. Glass Gobo’s offer the most detail, and the longest lifespan.

Top reasons to use Gobo projection for events

 So why should you opt for a Gobo at your event? And what kind of advantages can you expect from using one? Well there are a number of reasons to use Gobo projection for any event, and these include:

  • Corporate promotion
  • Visual interest

Corporate promotion

Gobo projection is an innovative, interesting and creative option for displaying company logos around your venue. This is the perfect way to provide publicity for corporate sponsors, and make more money from advertising. But it can also be effective for promoting your own company or brand, and raising awareness.

In addition, because the Gobo projector uses light to display the logo, it can be much more effective for attracting interest and focusing your audiences attention on the logo. You can also move the logo around, to keep it interesting. This is very effective, especially when compared to more traditional methods of corporate branding, like using posters.

Visual interest

At different points throughout the event, you will need to attract the attention of the audience, and direct them towards a certain point. Gobo projection can be very effective at this, and is a useful tool for capturing the interest of your audience.

But Gobo’s can also be used statically to create more visual feature points throughout your venue. Gobo projection can be incredibly effective for creating focal points and designs that add interest to a plain venue. In fact, Gobo’s can even be setup to match the colours of your event theme or decor.

If you would like more information about Gobo projection, or if you would like to hire professional lighting equipment, get in touch with the experts today, here at Light Design.