Why use LED screens at sporting events?


The way sports fans consume sports around the world has changed over the years with the innovation of LED screens, technology and the latest trends in media.

Marketers, advertisers, and promoters need to keep up with how fast the technology industry evolves. People attend sporting events not only to watch their favorite athlete or team, but to experience the excitement and thrill of the game associated with it. Sports enthusiasts crave the live fan experience as opposed to sitting at home and watching the game on the television. For example, holding an event on an open field in London with LED screens featuring the NFL gives fans the feeling that they are actually where the game is happening.

Why Choose LED vs Projection Displays?

Back in the day, projection displays were widely used in sporting events. However, since the launch of LED screens, the use of projection display has diminished and LED screens are now the ideal choice, especially for outdoor video display. Since they are more omnipresent, they have become more affordable and available.


The brightness of LED screens brightness is why more people choose them over  projection displays. LED screens provide a much better image resolution as opposed to projectors during the daytime


HD quality video is now the top choice and is directly superior to Standard Definition video quality. LED has the ability to display both Standard Definition and High Definition video resolution at 1080p, whereas many projectors are only capable of displaying SD and cannot display HD quality images, even at full resolution.

Set Up And Installation:

Installing LED displays is without a doubt easier than  projectors. As we can all remember from our first drive-through movie experience, it’s not always simple to get a projector setup as there are several limitations. For example, you need large screen with no obstruction between the screen and the projector, otherwise, a shadow will appear and obstruct the video being displayed.

How Big Is Your Audience?

One of the benefits of attending events in a large area is that you can watch the action on the large modular, or mobile LED screens, even if you are too far away from the stage. Considering how large your audience will be, or how far away from the screen viewers will be is important in choosing the right size of  LED screen. Why is this important? Because screen resolution affects the viewing experience. A viewer’s distance from the LED screen determines the size of the screen, as well as its resolution. As a standard measurement, the optimal viewing is 1 yard for 1 millimeter per millimeter of the pixel pitch. In other words, a 10mm wall should be 10 yards away.

Choosing The Right Type of LED Screen

Where will the event be held? Indoors or outdoors? This is important because outdoor LED screens have different resolutions and specifications as opposed to indoor screens. For example, outdoor LED screens are used under natural light and bright environments which need higher or maximized brightness level or resolution. Indoor screens are less stringent when it comes to specifications, which makes them much cheaper to rent as opposed to outdoor screens. Pricing may differ depending on where the screens will be used.

Advantages Of Using LED Screens At Sporting Events

There are a lot of benefits and advantages when using LED screens at major or local sporting events.

Value For Money

LED screens provide a much better and unobstructed viewing experience, which is what sports enthusiasts are looking for. In the event that a sporting match is in a different area or even country, , the  event can be displayed on  LED screens in open fields or stadiums, like when Wimbledon is broadcast on Henman Hill outside of the main tennis courts, Tennis  fans are always satisfied as they can experience the perfect view without having to pay too much for it through the big screen. Use LED screens when tickets are  sold out, encourage advertisers to put up ads and you have a win-win situation.

Advertising And Campaigning

Sports advertising has truly progressed over the years. It all started with using wooden signs and flyers, and has progressed to LED screens, which greatly improves a company’s product awareness  and could leave a lasting impression on consumers. Using large LED screens provides organizers the opportunity to earn revenue by using advertising and campaigning over sponsors or product endorsers. Marketers are well aware that sports fans are one of the most loyal brand patrons. Therefore, marketing specific brands or products at targeted sports events, or just simply to promote a sports event is widely used nowadays.

Finding The Right Technical Event Company

Although LED screens are much easier to set up as opposed to projectors, they still require experienced staff to avoid any setbacks or mishaps. That is why choosing the right technical event company is important in ensuring you have peace of mind and are not worried about malfunctions, or other technical difficulties. Things can go wrong like, ads not displaying along with the live feed, dissatisfying advertisers, or partners, and would greatly affect the return on investment from your organized event.

Working With Professionals:

Whether it is a sporting event or a concert, LED screens can greatly affect the outcome of such events. Working with professionals with  expertise in this field is a process that is worth investing in, as you want to be free to take care of the finer details of your event..

Full Service For All Your Needs:

Work with a technical event company which offers a full service instead of hiring multiple companies. A full service includes a crew for loading equipment, setting up the LED screens and tearing down the entire system once the event is over. Look for portfolios on the company’s website, what they do, the services they offer and previous clients, this gives you an idea of who you will be doing business with.

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