Light Design Ltd takes Back to the 80s 90s Festival to a whole new level

festival lighting

Light Design Ltd takes Back to the 80s 90s Festival to a whole new level with a stunning array of Video, Lighting fixtures and Special Effects.

Once again Light Design Ltd was awarded this year’s festival contract for Back to the 80s 90s festival show 2018. The festival brief given to us from James Dean, our good friend and festival organiser, was simple; he wanted to take the production up a gear to give the festival, with a weekend attendance of 27500, a show to dazzle and amaze the audience. We gladly accepted this challenge and set about designing something to fulfil this brief!

Lighting, Video design and Production Plan

Heading up the design process was Operations Manager, James Mean, who ran last year’s show, working with our new employee and Lighting Designer Nick Humphrey. The guys jointly worked on a Lighting, Video design and Production Plan to compliment the vast array of artists playing at this year’s festival.

Alongside upping the production, this year’s line-up also stepped it up a gear with headliners, PETER ANDRE, S CLUB, WHIGFIELD, PHATS & SMALL, EAST 17, VENGABOYS, CAPELLA , CHESNEY HAWKES, 2 UNLIMITED, THE OUTHERE BROTHERS, HADDAWAY, and LIVIN JOY alongside many more taking to the stage for this sell our show.

James and Nick’s Main Stage Lighting and Video design consisted of an impressive line-up of industry standard brands of fixtures and control equipment.

The video element of the show designed and operated by James consisted of a 5.8m x 3.45m main back screen and a 5.8m x 1.15m DJ riser screen all using our 6mm High Resolution black faced LED screen panels. Video Control and processing consisted of 2 x Green Hippo Amba Plus V4 media servers, Novastar MCTRL 660 processing with Barco Image Pro2 scalers and fibre optic looms to facilitate all the necessary in and outputs required for the show and the touring VJs accompanying the artists.

The Lighting Rig was equally as impressive with Nick rendering pre-vis designs and plans in our recently upgraded Wysiwyg R41 perform licence to ensure all the show critical elements worked in our own inhouse Milos MR2k 12m X 10m Stage system complete with PA wings. The main Lighting Rig consisted of 16 x Robe Led Wash 1200, 10 x Robe Pointes, 4 x Martin MH3 beams, 8 x Chauvet Nexus 7x7ww panels, 3 x 8way Thomas Stage Blinders, 4 x Martin Atomics, 2 x Look Solution Unique Hazers Mk2, 6 x Spectra Led Par cans, all hung from 16 x doughty large H frames. Control and power consisted of an Avolites Arena as the main stage desk all powered by a SES 72way distro with Chauvet and Proplex data distribution.

The Special Effects package consisted of a floor package of 2 x Magic FX stadium shots, 4 x Le Maitre Salamanders, 4 x Le Maitre twin pods firing silver jets and theatrical flashes, with 4 x Magic FX CO2 jets hung inverted from the stage roof. To add another dimension to the SFX package another Avolites Console this time the Tiger Touch 2 headed up the SFX Control.

Light Design Ltd team along with our client James Dean Events were delighted with the end result. James Dean said “once again working with Light Design is just so easy, the main stage design was epic, James and Nick were current and on point, intuitively hitting every cue, you knew exactly what I wanted, so I just didn’t have to worry, you guys were incredible well done for an amazing job”


Main Stage, Lighting, Video, Rigging and SFX – Light Design Ltd

Project Manager, video designer, operator, SFX and pyrotechnics – James Mean

Lighting Designer, programmer and operator – Nick Humphrey

Photographer – Ash Youd