Advantages of bespoke light design for award ceremonies

award ceremony sound and lighting

Here at Light Design, we are London’s leading bespoke lighting providers for any kind of high end event production. From dance and music, to corporate awards and events, we provide and install professional lighting, professional AV products, and professional special effects. So that the quality of your event shines through in each element of the event production. And one of our most frequent requests is to provide everything necessary for high quality award ceremonies. So why should you choose professional lighting systems for your award ceremony? And what are the advantages of bespoke light design for award ceremonies?

Large scale award ceremonies can be a challenge to organise and get right. But professional, bespoke lighting systems can really help. In fact, with bespoke light design for award ceremonies, you can:

  • direct attention to the right place, exactly when you need to
  • promote brands and sponsors throughout the evening, with a special emphasis during their presentation time
  • project video content to generate interest and enthusiasm
  • rely on flawless timing

Bespoke lighting can direct attention

Getting a large group of people to all look at the same thing, at the same time, is usually a challenge. But not when you you bring intelligent lighting into it. Lighting that can be sequenced to illuminate in a particular order, at a particular time, can help to keep your award ceremony running smoothly. While making sure your audience are fully involved in the process. Intelligent lighting can run autonomously, or can be triggered by a button. So you can have full control over when and where, you want to direct attention.

Promoting sponsors throughout the event

One of the most influential advantages of bespoke light design for award ceremonies, is the ability to promote sponsors and brands on the LED Screens. Or even through video projection. Either way, your sponsors will get their fair share of exposure. And just like intelligent lighting systems, these screens can display exactly what you want, when you want. So when the time comes for your sponsor to introduce themselves, or present an award, every LED screen we have installed can be focused on this one brand.

Video projection

Projecting video content at any point during your event can generate interest and enthusiasm from your guests. This can be especially effective while the nominations are bring described, or when the award is presented to the winner, as suitable accompanying footage can be shown. This helps to bring your award winners achievements to life. As video content is far easier to take in, than speech alone.

Flawless timing

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of bespoke light design for award ceremonies, is the flawless timing. If you want your event to run smoothly, be impressive, and be professional, then professional, well designed lighting is key to your success. Flawless timing means light shows and systems, exactly when you want them. At just the right time. This can really amaze and surprise your guests. And it helps to set the tone for your ceremony.

For more information about our bespoke light design for award ceremonies, and what we can offer your company or corporate event, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design.