What does bespoke corporate event lighting include?

corporate event lighting and production

Lighting at any event is an incredibly important factor, and here at Light Design, we are industry specialists. From award ceremonies, to conferences, festivals to theatre, we can provide the high quality lighting that your venue or event requires. In fact, we can even offer bespoke corporate event lighting, which means that we can tailor our packages to suit your individual requirements. But what does bespoke corporate event lighting include?And how can this help make your event a success?

Bespoke corporate event lighting

So what is bespoke corporate event lighting? Well, unlike other companies that might provide the same package for every client, we like to find out what exactly our clients need. And then tailor our services and equipment, to meet these requirements with our top of the range equipment, and knowledgeable staff. So instead of paying for lighting features you really don’t need, we can pay special attention to the ones you do.

What does bespoke corporate event lighting include?

So, which lighting fixtures, features and accessories could be tailored to make your corporate event a success? Well, our bespoke packages include:

  • Uplighting- A fantastic way to make a statement, uplighting involves providing lights that illuminate upwards, towards the ceiling. This can make for fantastic feature lighting, or for simple, understated accent lighting. Either way, it could transform your venue and the atmosphere.
  • Intelligent Lighting and A/V- We can install intelligent lighting systems that will illuminate your venue automatically, or be controlled with the touch of a button. This intelligent lighting can also trigger lighting sequences, whenever you need them to. So, why have static lighting, when intelligent lighting can transform your space, and your event?
  • Video Projection and LED Screens- Need to direct everyone’s attention to one thing during your event? Why not use LED screens or video projection. Either way, we can station these around your venue, so you can get everyone’s attention at once. These can also be effective for playing corporate footage and setting the tone of the event.
  • Pyrotechnics and Special Effects- Some events like to go the extra mile. And for this, you will need some special effects, and pyrotechnics. WOW your audience with our quality equipment and effects executed at just the right moment.
  • Custom Logo Projection- All corporate events need to stay on brand. And what could be better than custom logo projection? Ever fancied creating your companies very own Bat Signal?
  • External Architectural Uplighting- Illuminating the external architecture of your venue can create a dramatic and stylish feature. Which will set the tone for the rest of your corporate event. So why not celebrate in style?
  • Décor and Set- But it’s not just lights we can provide. We can also help with decor and set. We aim to provide a cohesive and flowing set up for any event. And we can even plan the location of the lights, to illuminate aspects of your chosen decor, so that they become prominent, visual features.

For more information about our bespoke corporate event lighting, and what we can offer your company or corporate event, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Light Design.