Impressive design for festival stage lighting

If you are performing at a music festival, your audience will probably expect a high level of energy, a high quality performance, and stunning showmanship. And while your act alone might provide this in spades, lighting and special effects can ensure that your stage presence reaches even those audience members at the back of the crowd. Here at Light Design, this is exactly what we can provide, as leading lighting and stage design professionals. As a result, we have produced this guide to the key lighting features of any successful festival performance.

What can lighting bring to your festival performance?

So, first of all, why is lighting so important? Well, the lighting at any festival event is used almost as an extension of the music and the performance itself. With different lighting features to energise and motivate the crowd, and others to grab attention or create key WOW moments, lighting can be an essential consideration for your show, and can make the difference between a good and a great performance.

Impressive design for festival stage lighting

So, how can you use lighting features to make your event a success? Well, there are a couple of things you can do to go above and beyond ordinary lighting. This includes:

  • Installing video walls
  • Using laser lighting
  • Adding pyrotechnics

Installing video walls

Video walls are an impressive way to decorate the back of the stage. These can be used to show your band logo or imagery, or to even to create blocks of colour. Patterns and colours can interchange throughout your performance, and they can even be set to sequence alongside your set list, so that the movement and colours coincide with the style of the music being played. This can help generate the right kind of atmosphere for every track, and really keep your audience involved, while acting as a stunning backdrop for you too.

Using laser lighting

Laser lighting is a popular and very effective addition to stage lighting for any music event. The lasers create bright, intense, visual light movement. And for the best results, they can even be programmed to match with the beat of the music being played, and for the colours to be changed to suit the tone of the music. Laser lighting will reach out to your audience, creating the visual effect of an even larger stage and to draw the audience into the performance. And because the laser lighting moves, this adds visual interest to really bring energy to your audience.

Adding pyrotechnics

Nothing can impress your audience quite like pyrotechnics can. If you are looking for a way to end your show, or to start it for that matter, pyrotechnics can be a fantastic addition. With pyrotechnics, you can add confetti cannons, or even on stage fire effects, which we know your audience will love. Small fireworks for example can ensure that your performance will be impressive, and memorable, for years to come.
For more information or advice about lighting for your festival performance, get in touch with the team today, here at Light Design Ltd.