Colour combination options for effective event lighting

There are a number of different methods for lighting your venue. From uplights and wall lighting, to projection and video walls, the variety of lighting types can work in effective combinations to create a stunning visual effect. But what about the lighting colours? Different lighting colours can be used to create different lighting effects throughout different paces at your event including the entrance and the stage. But what are the best colour combination options for effective event lighting? And how can you choose the best options for event event? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading event lighting professionals. We offer professional planning and design support, as well as high quality equipment hire. And this is our guide to everything you should know to choose the most effective event lighting colour combinations. 

What are the different options for event lighting colours?

For any event, there are three different common lighting methods that can be followed to make sure you have the most effective colours used together. These three rules include:

  • monochromatic colour schemes
  • 2 colour complementary lighting colours
  • various multi-colour methods

Each of these methods has been tried and tested and has a proven success rate. 

Monochromatic lighting colour schemes

Monochromatic lighting colours involve using just one colour at a time throughout the event. In practice, this generally means that different shades and tones of the same colour are used together, to add depth and texture to the lighting on stage, or in hallways, entrances and function rooms. 

2 colour complementary lighting colours

If you want to use two colours at once, to really create a bold and striking effect, why not use 2 complementary colours. These are colours or tones that fall directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. From red and green, to orange and purple, there are a number of colour combinations to choose from, and these can be very beneficial for lighting at any event.  this type of lighting is also very balanced, and can be particularly effective for corporate events, as branded logos often use 2 complementary colours together. As a result, you could use company colours to light your event, and really advertise your branding. 

Various multi-colour methods

If you want more than two different colours, you could try one of the successful multi-colour methods. These include:

Using three colours in a colour triad- this involves choosing colours that create a triangle across the colour wheel. These colours complement each other well, so you wont overwhelm your audience or guests, and you can find the right balance between the different tones.  

Warm and cold colours- combing warm and cold colours is a popular and effective method of using colourful lighting in any environment, for any event. This includes red and orange combined with blues and pale greens. 

Rainbow lighting- rainbow lighting is probably something you want to avoid, but for a fun, quirky lighting style you could combine a range of rainbow colours for a unique effect. 

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