Lighting tips for networking events

Networking events are important for individuals as well as large companies and corporations. These events provide the perfect opportunity to mingle with other like minded individuals, and make connections and acquaintances across the industry. It can also be a great opportunity for companies to promote their branding and look for new talent. But while the dinner and drinks might be an important consideration, the event lighting is not something you should overlook. An event lit with the guests in mind will promote the maximum amount of eye comfort, while creating stunning visual effects, and even social cues. And here at Light Design Ltd, as leading light design professionals, we have produced this guide to the important lighting tips for networking events.

1.Use lighting to set the tone of the event

Lighting, and lighting colours, can have a dramatic effect on the mood or atmosphere in any space. While red, oranges and yellows can bring life and energy to your event, soft tones of purple blue and greens can create a relaxing, calming effect. Change your lighting to match the time of the event, and the different networking activities on offer.

2.Use lighting for transitions

If you want your guests to move from open and non-directed mingling, to listening to a speech or breaking into groups, you should consider lighting. Lighting changes in intensity and brightness, as well as colour and movement can really get the attention of everyone in your venue all at once. Dimming the lights is quite a common social cue that tells your guests or audience that it is time to sit down and watch or listen to a speech. While increasing the light level is a good way to give the message that it is now time to move around again. 

3.Divide different activities into light coded areas

If you have different activities, taking place in different parts of the hall or in different function rooms, you can colour code these activities using lights. This is a great way to visually divide your space, and let your audience know where to go at particular times. 

4. Stage lighting

For speeches and presentations, it’s important that you light the stage effectively. Spotlights can draw attention and focus to the speaker, while video walls and LED screens can be used effectively to convey images and video content, while attracting audience attention. You can also consider moving light, and coloured light to really create a stunning stage area that is sure to retain the audience attention.

5. Information panels

If you have a large venue, with a large number of guests, information panels can be very useful to help your guests know where to go, and the expected itinerary for the day. These can be lit by uplights or spotlights, or you could instead use a video wall or LED screen to convey this important information.

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