How can projections transform your event?

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Using projectors at an event is often only considered for conference events and work based networking, as a cheaper alternative to LED screens and video walls. But projectors can be used for more than just factual presentations, and can instead create stunning visual effects, both inside and outside of the event venue. So how can projections transform your event? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading event lighting professionals. We provide impressive lighting design and equipment for a range of events, including festival and stage lighting, as well as award ceremonies and gala dinners. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about event lighting projections.

What can projections bring to your event?

Using projected lighting can transform your event in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating a stunning focal point
  • Supporting company branding

Projected lighting can create a stunning focal point

When you project light onto a screen for a presentation, it might be simple, but it does draw attention. But when you project coloured lighting, across an entire wall for example, you can really light up a room. Projected lighting can be used effectively to create a visually stunning focal point. This could include:

Projection mapping- this is the most popular way to use projected lighting for style. This involves lighting up an area, internally or externally, using projected lighting. This can make use of different colour combinations, and different patterns and cutouts to achieve a myriad of stylish, engaging effects. Projection mapping can even help to create 3D visual effects! Externally, projection mapping can be combined with architectural uplighting to completely transform your venue, picking out key details and amplifying the visual effects.

Gobo projection- gobo projection is a very specific type of light projection, that involves using small stencils to project lighting patterns onto a range of surfaces. Don’t just think about the wall for this effect, as you can also light the floor, as well as tables, this way. For example, entrance lighting that makes use of gobo projection can create a stunning visual effect that helps to guide users into the correct function rooms and places.

Stage lighting- projected lighting can also be used to illuminate stages and backdrops with colours, patterns and even moving images. This is sure to draw audience attention, and keep your guests engaged throughout the event. And it can often be cheaper than other alternatives.

Projected lighting can useful for supporting company branding

If your event is a corporate event, lighting up your logo, or using company colours, can be a great way to promote your company branding, and make a memorable impression on your guests. Lighting projection is a simple and straight-forward way to achieve this. You could use this on stage, where there is no doubt it will be missed, or even as gobo projection in hallways.

For more information or for professional lighting design for your event, get in touch with the leading event lighting experts today, here at Light Design Ltd.