Event lighting trends for 2020

Now that 2020 is well and truly underway, it can be a great time to take a look at the year ahead and begin to make plans. If you are hosting an event this year, you will probably want to choose a design theme or style that is on trend, as well as one that is relevant to your event. Each design theme will involve different lighting, and different lighting setups, leading to different lighting trends. But what are the potential event lighting trends for 2020? Well, here at Light Design, we are the UK’s leading event lighting professionals. From festivals and live music or performances, to award ceremonies and gala dinners, we can provide a full range of equipment, and lighting design skills for your event. And this is our guide to all the predicted lighting trends you should know about. 

1. Industrial lighting style

Industrial design has become increasingly popular for different interior design trends and contemporary commercial properties. But this is expected to make it big in the event lighting trade throughout the upcoming year. Industrial effect lighting is not about installing high bay LED lighting and complex industrial lighting systems. Instead, this is an aesthetic trend that blends exposed and unfinished metal with the warmth of Edison bulbs and over sized bulbs. This can create the perfect accent lighting for a range of events with a contemporary, cutting edge feel. 

This type of lighting works well with distressed paint, copper and exposed brass pipes and beams as well as natural wood and stone.

2. Plant life 

With Australia still burning, following on from the Amazon and the Arctic, it seems that having a green theme is becoming increasingly popular. This means that as part of event design, real plants are used for focal points and stunning backdrops. This can be included as part of your light design too, with plants carefully lit from underneath for a stunning feature wall effect, or even Gobo projection with patterns cut to match the foliage. Combining plants and lighting can be a great way to illuminate the entrance to your event too.

3. Neon lighting colours

Nobody likes to be faced with bright lights and colours that clash. But neon lighting has always been an exception to this rule. Paired with the right background lighting, and the right event atmosphere, neon lighting can be incredibly effective. Why not consider:

  • Tabletop LED neon lighting- for an award ceremony or gala dinner this is the perfect way to add neon lighting to your event, in a  way that is not overpowering. This brings character to your event, and can tie your table decorations to the rest of the event theme.
  • Neon up-lighting- because up-lighting is directed upwards, instead of down, neon lighting can be used effectively here, without causing any eye problems or discomfort. Instead the neon light will wash the up-lit surface with colour, creating a stunning visual effect.

For more information or for professional lighting support for your event, get in touch with the team today, here at Light Design Ltd.