Goals for event lighting throughout 2020

It’s that time of year again when resolutions and promises of personal and professional growth abound. And while some of these will be broken by the start of next week, others can be successful in the long term leading to long lasting changes. For companies and businesses looking to host stunning events in the upcoming year, event lighting should be top of the agenda. And setting some event lighting targets can help to ensure that you get the right result, every time. So what are some effective goals for event lighting throughout 2020? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading event lighting professionals. From planning and design, to providing high quality equipment, we provide tailored lighting solutions to all manner of events. These include fashion shows, live theatre, music festivals and award ceremonies. And this is our guide to the targets you can set for event lighting success in 2020. 

10 effective goals for event lighting throughout 2020

To make sure your event is successful, and your professional lighting captures the attention and interest of your audience, you should consider setting achievable, measurable goals or targets. These should include:

1. Matching your event lighting to your event theme- there is nothing more effective than event lighting that pairs with, or accentuates, the theme of the event. You could consider using unique Gobo projection patterns to match a design theme, or colour wash lighting to pair with the colour theme.

2. Start with the entrance lighting- no matter what type of event you are hosting, effective entrance lighting can help to start your event off with style. Entrance lighting can capture the attention and interest of your audience, and this can also set the tone or the atmosphere for the rest of the event. So when planning any event, you should always start by considering the entrance lighting, and creating the perfect visual effect.

3. Consider the energy of the event- if your event will be lively and involve a lot of movement and fun, then you could use moving lights, and lighting styles that will reflect this level of energy, and create the right atmosphere. While for more series events, such as gala dinners, or award ceremonies, the lighting will need to be calmer to create a more relaxed environment.

4. Hire only the best equipment- while it might be said that a bad workman will blame their tools, hiring the best possible lighting equipment is essential for securing and achieving the best possible results. So for your events to be be as successful as possible this year, you should be sure to hire the best equipment to suit your needs and requirements. 

5. Work with a professional event lighting team- working with a team of event lighting professionals can help you find creative and effective solutions to your event lighting requirements. With the experience and expertise to navigate a variety of issues and complications, a professional team can ensure that your event is perfectly lit and the lighting is well executed. 

For more information or advice about professional event lighting, get in touch with the team today, here at Light Design.