New Year event lighting

If Christmas lighting is all about the magic, New Year lighting is all about the glamour. From gala dinners, award nights and stage shows, to live performances, the New Year event calendar is often a mixed bag. But the lighting and effects are more than likely similar. So with New Year right around the corner, what should you consider for effective New Year event lighting? Well, here at Light Design, we are leading lighting design professionals. We stock a range of high quality, professional electrical equipment for hire, as well as delivering effective lighting design and planning support. And this is our guide to everything you should consider about New Year event lighting. 

What is different about New Year event lighting?

One question that event organizers frequently ask is why is New Year event lighting different? Well, there are several reasons why New Year events tend to be treated differently than others, especially where lighting is concerned. These include:

⦁ The increased prestige- an event hosted to celebrate the New Year tends to have more prestige than most other events throughout the year. This means that the lighting needs to mirror this, and bring increased excitement and wonder to your event.

⦁ Focus on the visuals- New Year events tend to be much more focused on the visuals. This includes firework displays and celebrations, countdown clocks, and even memory reels. Different types of lighting, special effects, and even pyrotechnics, can be crucial to help you achieve the perfect New Year’s result.

Important inclusions for effective New Year event lighting

So to make sure your New Year party starts with a bang, what are the important lighting considerations and inclusions you should be prepared to make? Well there are several, including:

⦁ Stunning entrance lighting- why not try flickering fairy lights, patterned GOBO projection lighting, or even a video wall to light the entrance to your event, and impress your guests immediately?

⦁ A video wall- A video wall is a must have for any New Year event. From capturing attention and interest at the entrance of your event, to counting down the time until midnight, or even to display a midnight light show, there are a number effective ways to use a video wall for a New Year event.

⦁ Pyrotechnics- The pinnacle of any New Year party is the bringing in of the New Year at midnight. Fireworks are frequently used to celebrate this with a bang, but pyrotechnics could give your event the edge. Pyrotechnics involve using fireworks with music to create an unforgettable show.

⦁ Laser light show- if fireworks are not you’re thing, you could instead use laser lighting. This is a great alternative in a large venue, or outside. The lasers can be set to music to create stunning visual display that is sure to get your audience talking for months to come.

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