How can lighting transform your venue?

If you are hosting an event, the chances are, you will pour a lot of energy into securing the perfect venue. Whether it’s dramatic and stylish, or a large outdoor, open space, you will need to choose a venue that will meet the style and size requirements of your event. But you should also consider professional lighting. The right type of lighting can be transformative in any space, and not only will lighting add more depth to your venue, it can be a practical and stylish addition too. Here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading lighting specialists. And this is our guide to using lighting to transform your venue.

So, how important is the right lighting for your venue? And how can the right lighting have a transformative effect on your venue, and your event? Well, there are a number of ways that lighting can be used to bring something new, or visual to your venue, including:

  • Creating visual variance and style
  • Highlighting architectural features
  • Using colour to establish the mood or atmosphere
  • Creating movement and visual interest
  • Creating visual variance

When your guests walk into your venue, part of your job is to ensure that the venue is visually interesting. But as most events are held in large spaces, decorating this entire space can be a challenge. Especially when you have a tight budget. That’s when lighting can be extremely useful. Adding different depths of light, and different styles of light can be a good way to break up the monotony of any space including large halls, bars, and conference spaces. Especially wall space, which is often the most difficult to cover.

Uplighting can be used to create visual variance, by installing lights on the floor or wall, that illuminate upwards, towards the ceiling. This type of spot lighting can change the colour, or the design of your room, and create areas of contrast and variance, adding sophistication and class to your venue.

Highlighting architectural features

Uplighting, as this illuminates the ceiling, can also be adjusted and used to point directly at architectural features. This can transform the exterior of any Gothic building, as well as the interior of your venue.

Using colour to establish mood or atmosphere

Colour is a great way to set the tone or mood for your event. While blues and greens can be relaxing and subtle, orange and reds can bring vibrance and passion. And using colour wash lighting can transform the colour of the room, and the interior of your venue, with ease. These colours also allow you to control the mood, at any given point. For example, if you are hosting a Gala Dinner, the lighting while dining may be calm and relaxed, but for the entertainment, the room can fully change colour to really engage your guests.
Creating movement and visual interest

Gobo projection and types of laser lighting can be very effective for turning any bland venue, into a space with energy and style. These lights move, and in turn can attract attention and energise your guests.
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