Creative ways to use spotlights for your event

When lighting your event, it’s easy to only think about the main ambient lighting, and the stage lighting, and forget about the important lighting effects that can really make your event stand out. But professional, high quality lighting is not something you should miss out on. Whether you are hosting a conference, a gala dinner or a live performance, the event lighting can be the key to success. And one way to add creative and effective lighting is to use spotlights. Here at Light Design, we are leading event lighting professionals, with experience and expertise in lighting events of all sizes and styles. And this is our guide to the most creative ways to use spotlights for your event.

How can you use spotlights for your event?

Spotlights are synonymous with the stage. Usually used to trace a main speaker, or members of a cast or band, across a stage, spotlights are a specific type of down-light that cast a beam of light from the ceiling to the floor. But you can use these to illuminate more than just the people on stage. You could consider:

  • Positioning spotlights in the entrance
  • Using spotlights in hallways
  • Using spotlights to illuminate guests

Spotlights at the entrance to events

Entrance lighting is crucial. This can help to establish the mood and the tone for your entire event, and can also capture interest and really wow your audience. Positioning spotlights as the entrance lighting can be a fun and interesting way to welcome your guests to the venue and set the tone. Why not consider:

  • Using multi-colour spotlights in a row along the entrance hall. The colours you choose can help to establish the mood of your guests, with reds and oranges bringing energy and enthusiasm, and blues and greens helping to create a relaxing vibe.
  • Using moving spotlights- moving spotlights that illuminate your guests as they enter your venue can be a great way to make you’re guests feel special, and give them their own moment in the spotlight.

Using spotlights in hallways

Hallways and corridors at events and functions always tend to be lit with uplighters. This is because uplights provide a gentle tone of light that can be used to light up the walls of the corridor without being overpowering. However, you can turn this on it’s head by using low intensity, low level spotlights. This can create a really unique lighting feature for your event and can even be used to fit your design theme.

Using spotlights to illuminate guests

Whether you are hosting a gala dinner or a conference, you want your guests to really feel like part of the event. And at different points in the itinerary, you might have the opportunity to do just that. Whether you choose to illuminate those asking questions at your conference, or the winning table at an award ceremony, spotlights can provide the flexibility to achieve this.

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