Uplighting at your event

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Event lighting should be an important part of the design process for any event. From award ceremonies to gala dinners, and theatre shows to live music events, the right lighting is essential. And there are a number of different lighting methods that can be used to direct attention, or set the mood for your event, including projected lighting, spotlights and uplighting. But what is uplighting? And how can you use this lighting technique to achieve great results? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading event lighting professionals. And we have a wealth of experience and expertise in planning and designing effective event lighting. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about uplighting at your event.

What is uplighting?

Uplighting is a specific type of lighting that involves illuminating from the floor or ground level, up to the ceiling. This is the opposite of most types of lighting, that provide a down beam, such as spotlights and overhead lighting. Uplights can be wireless or wired, static or motion, and can also use a full array of colours.

What are the advantages of uplighting at your event?

There are several advantages of using uplighting to illuminate your event. These advantages include:

  • Bringing colour to your event- uplights can be used very effectively for colour wash lighting. Because uplights point upwards towards the ceiling, they can be positioned to fully illuminate a wall, or corridor, from the ground up. And this can allow you to “wash” these walls with colour, any colour of your choice, to suit your event theme and interior design. This can even bring the added benefit of changing the mood of the event, by changing the colours, all at the touch of a button.
  • Highlighting architectural features- uplights can also be used to illuminate any quirky features or architectural design choices both inside and outside your event venue. This can add character to your event, and is a great way to add interest and intrigue for your guests.
  • Ambient lighting- uplights can provide a softer, less direct type of lighting that can be perfect for creating the right kind of ambient lighting environment. This is great for gala dinners and award ceremonies, that may have a more relaxed but sociable feeling.

Where should you use uplighting at your event?

Uplighters can be used across your venue, including:

  • In the entrance- entrance lighting helps to set the tone of the event, and impress your guests, right from the start.
  • Along corridors- if your venue has a number of corridors with different function rooms, uplighting can be a great way to illuminate the path to the right room, while keeping the right tone and atmosphere.
  • Outside- if your venue itself is important, or you are including outdoor seating and entertaining space, uplighting can be very useful. This can illuminate stunning features, and create a dramatic sophisticated effect.


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