What can professional lighting bring to your music event?

If you are hosting a live music performance or event, professional lighting is a must have. From stage lighting to ambient lighting, there are a number of different lighting considerations to take into account, and these can have a knock on impact on the quality of your event. So what can professional lighting bring to your music event? And how can you use this to create the perfect effects and features? Well, here at Light Design Ltd, we are leading lighting professionals. We can provide high quality lighting solutions for any event, including award ceremonies, fashion shows, live theatre and of course, live music events. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of professional lighting for your music event.

Using professional lighting as part of your music event

There are a number of different ways to use lighting during your live music event, to achieve a range of effects and reactions. This includes:

  • Stage lighting – of course for any live performance the stage areas should always be well lit. But professional lighting can bring the energy, colours and movements that will combine with your sound to create a more immersive, intense experience. The right lighting can change the atmosphere in line with the tone of your music, as well as reach out to members of the audience, and bring them into your performance.
  • Entrance lighting- no matter how large or small you music event is, lighting the entrance to your venue can be a great way to impress and engage your audience immediately. From uplights and gobo projections, to full video walls, entrance lighting can suit your style, and enhance your event.
  • Ambient lighting- while the stage should always be the centre focus for attention at any live music event, the rest of your venue needs to be well lit, at least enough for your audience to be able to use the space safely. But professional ambient lighting wont just make your venue safer, it can also help to create the right atmosphere too.
  • Video walls- whether your stage uses a video wall for lighting effects and video while you perform, or you use video walls to display the performance in different parts of the venue, a live music event can always be improved with the thoughtful use of video walls. These are large LED screens that can be combined together to make them as large as you need to really fill the available space.

What are the advantages of professional lighting at your music event?

There are many advantages to using professional lighting for your music event. These include:

  • Creating the right atmosphere- lighting can energise or relax your audience, depending on colours, intensity and movement. So you can set the right tone for your music event, whether that’s country and western or heavy metal.
  • Professional quality equipment- equipment is often the weakest link at any music event. With professional lighting support, you will have high quality equipment that is sure to work effectively and efficiently, so you have the best experience.

For more information or advice about professional lighting for any music event, get in touch with the expert team today, here at Light Design Ltd.